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Our company has more than 10 years of experience with affiliate programs. As passionate developers of state of the art software solutions we know how to optimize traffic conversion for our publishers.

Based on the content of your pages our platform is going to A/B test various products of advertisers and calculates which advertising strategy is performing best on individual pages and individual ad spots.

We use AI to make advertisement decisions and analyze content opportunities.
Normally as affiliate you have to calculate and select categories manually and figure out which strategy or product is getting you the highest revenue possible.

Ad space optimization

Ad space optimization

Make the most out of every pixel of your ad space!

Our software will analyze your pages and try all kinds of advertising methods automatically, normally affiliates have to do this manually and is very time consuming.

  • Analyzing content of the page where the ad space resides.

  • Compare with other similar pages which products or services convert best.

  • Measure click rate, sale rate, sale amount and calculate cents earned per click.

Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding

Advertisers can bid on content keywords on your page, the platform will select best performing products or services.

Both parties will have maximum profit if performance is auto optimized.

  • Advertiser place an offer or bidding on keywords

  • If content qualifies, the best ad bid will be displayed.

Our platform is also capable of Real Time Bidding

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We have an open profit sharing scheme.

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